What is [TRICK ART]

Trick Art, by utilizing the illusion of man it is a Interesting ‘experiential art’ such as “painting that looks like a solid” or “work that makes an impression completely different depending on the angle”, and “work that can experience the illusion by entering inside”.

All works are drawn directly on the wall the picture frame part is also part of the work.

The word “trick art” is coined word and not in the dictionary.
Its origins dates back to the ancient Greece period and was called「Trompe-l’œil」 (meaning of deceiving the eyes in France language)It was a technique ommonly used in the Surrealist field.
The techniques include “perspective,” “chiaroscuro,” Combination of “advancing color” and “receding color,” A new idea and technique is added to this painting technique, and what was established as a completely new art is “trick art”.

Unlike general museums, you can touch works and take pictures.
It is a theme park that you can enjoy from adults to children.

How to Enjoy [Trick Art]

[Watch them]
Regardless of age, anyone will get hooked on this museum at a glance.
Find many tricks from everywhere in the famous pictures and sculptures.

Watch them

[Odalisque] Length of foot changes according to viewing angle.

[Touch them]
Touch all the works as they are painted.
When you wonder if it is really a picture, feel free to touch and check it!

Touch them

Painting painted directly on the wall.

[Take photos]
In general museums, you are always banned from taking pictures there.
However, we are generous to doing so here.
Take commemorative pictures for your own.

Take photos

I can get such fun photos.

How to Access

[By train] Take a bus at Kinugawa-onsen Station of Tobu Line for Trick Art-mae.
[By car] At the Utsunomiya IC of Tohoku Expressway, enter Nikko- Utsunomiya Road. Exit at Imaichi IC and drive about 20 minutes.

■ For visitors from the Kinugawa area, we will pick them up free of charge. (Contact us for more information.)


Business Guide

> Admission Price
Adults (Junior high school students or over) 1,900 yen
Children (Aged 3 or over) 1,100 yen

– Visitors who are admitted into the Museum can enter the Holography Art Museum at an extra cost of 300 yen.
– A group of 15 people or over is eligible for a special group rate.

> Open hours
9:30 – 17:30 / Always open.
[Summer season (mid-July to August 31) : 9:00 – 18:00]